“ With love from Berlin” by Daniel Hacksmann

1. Corpo Sujeito ft. Cibelle
2. La Añoranza ft. Coco Maria, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Ori Kaplan
3. Overture
4. City Life ft. St. Paul Hilaire
5. Love Horns
6. Como Será ft. Lavoisier
7. 24-7 ft. Robert Owens + K.ZIA
8. Occupy Berlin ft. Kalaf + She´s Drunk
9. Wolkenreise


“With Love, From Berlin” is Daniel Haaksman’s third studio album ́s after “Rambazamba” (2010) and “African Fabrics” (2016). On his new  album, the Berlin DJ and music producer addresses the growing  globalization of Berlin. Haaksman cooperated with numerous international  artists living in Berlin. Many of these artists had previously met  Haaksman on his DJ journeys, performed together at festivals or in clubs  or worked together on projects. At some point many of his international  friends suddenly moved to Berlin, including Cibelle (Brazil), Robert  Owens (USA), Dengue Dengue Dengue (Peru), Paul St.Hilaire (Dominica),  Kalaf Angelo (Angola, the former frontman of Buraka Som Sistema), She ́s  Drunk (France), Coco Maria (Mexico), Ori Kaplan (Israel), Lavoisier  (Portugal) or Kzia (Belgium), and so Haaksman decided to record “With  Love, From Berlin” with all his international friends. On the one hand  because they share a similar, globally oriented musical taste, on the  other hand because they all have a similar migration history: Move to  Berlin because it’s an inspiring city where you can live and work well  as an artist. And to make music and art in this city out of love for the  cause, and not primarily earn money with it, a luxury that only Berlin  can offer. Made for the sake of art, “With Love”.



O meu pai já sabia como era
e não me disse nada!
e não me disse nada!

A andar encontrei o caminho
Sem saber de que é feito

É que hoje descobri que não se ensina a viver

É um longo caminho que vais ter que fazer
É um longo caminho que vais ter que andar