Lavoisier Tour Germany, November, 2013

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Lavoisier is being supported by Instituto Camões through the
Portuguese Embassy inGermany to make this Tour.

The purpose of this Tour is to present this project on the german cities with
the bigger portuguese community so that we can share this new approach to
popular portuguese music.
This project is set in the theme “Portugal Today and Tomorrow” developed
by the Cultural department of the Portuguese Embassy,in order to project new portuguese
contemporary artists in Europe and the rest of the World.

With this new approach to portuguese cultural music, Lavoisier aims to the german cities with the biggest
portuguese communities,willing to share our very own way of singing and cultural roots, among the people
whom might feel a bit lost and far way from their own identity.

Tour dates:

1 November, 19:00H at Sozio-Kulturelles Zentrum Ratz-Fatz e.V., Berlin

7 November, 19:00H at Museum für Völkerkunde, Hamburg 

10 November, 19:00H at VHS Duisburg, Düsseldorf

16 November, 21:00H at João Cocteau Kunst Raum, Berlin

22 November, 21:00H at Salon Remise, Berlin

Instituto Camões

Botschaft von Portugal

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