Lavoisier at Mixed Tape #52 by Mercedes Benz

posted August 16, 2013 category CD


We are very happy to make part of this selection of the best young artists arround the world, made by Mb! Mercedes Benz.

“Triggered by “the inner need to make music”, this Portuguese couple takes inspiration from each other as well as the range of emotions and sensations that can be carried by sound. Named after Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier, who once stated that “In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything changes.” their charming boy-girl interplay, backed by the simplest of musical means, reappropriates slivers of European, American and African compositions for their own folk-based explorations. Also in the mix: Lennon-esque chords and a spirit of “tropicalismo” that suffuses their world – past, present and future.”

Here is the link to download for free

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